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Ronaldo Magalhaes

Ronaldo Magalhaes De Aguiar

Born: Sao Paulo, Brazília
Profession: Dance instructor and dance performer

Music, Dance, Sensation. These three short but meaningful words characterize his life from his birth on up to the present in Hungary.

He dance passionately several Brazilian and other styles: Capoeira, Samba no Pe, Samba de Gafieira, Zouk, Reggaeton, Forró, Frevo, Afro, Jazz, Salsa, Bachata, Fire show.

He learned to identify himself with each mentioned dance styles, and it is really tremendous feeling to spin among them. The identification to dance depends on a very small secret: let you touch by melodies and be yourself. Dance the way you feel, the interior gives the feeling and just listen to it! He tries to pass these feelings to his students and everywhere around the world, which is the greatest joy for him.

His coat of profession comes from Brazil, where he participated, taught and performed on Capoeira, Salsa, Samba and Zouk Congress and Festivals national and international, on the way he showed his knowledge in Paraguay, Turkey, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, Islands of Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Rep, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK/England, Ireland and France.