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 Kizomba - The Angolan Tango - passion & sensuality

Kizomba originated in Angola, but also affects other lusophone countries in Africa. It was created on the basis of Semba, but also the Passada, Coladeira and Mazurka from Cabo Verde, which was combined with traditional African rhythms and modern European music. Kizomba is a word from the language of the tribe Kimbundu and means: hard, Acting, dancing, entertainment. Kimbundu is one of the many languages ​​of the locals in Angola (Luanda) is spoken mainly in the area of ​​the capital. Due to the huge popularity Kizomba is sung by many Luso-African artists.
The Angolan style is like kapverdeianische dominant and was in Portugal, especially in the area around the capital city of Lisbon

Kizomba Basics

Primeiro Basico/First basic (tempo)

Segundo Basico/Second basic (Step 3)

Basico de lado/Side basic

Pausa suave/Soft breack


Pausa Pesada/Hard breack

Volta/Half turn (cha cha)



Saida da mulher/Lady saida

Saida do homem/Man saida