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Húszas Klub

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Brazil Copacabana Show and Batucada / Copacabana America latin show


The presentation of Brazilian culture, Brazilian-trained dancers: samba carnival, Capoeira, Lambada, frevo, afroxé, maculele; live, original musical accompaniment from Brazil. Beautiful ladies, Brazilian men, carried away the audience up to 45 minutes in the hot atmosphere from Rio de Janeiro.
For more information: www.copacabanashow.hu



hiányzó képfájl: zouk-lambada-fellepesek-show.jpg

Exploded in Europe, Ronaldo and Marta enchantingly sensual dance performances. We introduce our audience from Brazil into the world showing their passion for dance, expression of emotions and ability.


Fire Show


The fire fighting with the power of dance artists, Ronaldo shows that fire is sometimes not only burn, but also caresses.


Animation / mood creation events

Animáció és hangulatteremtés

Guest Reception and public involvement, all dances, game elements and fun costumes establish the atmosphere of events. Whether a real-dancers entertain the guests until dawn.


Turkey-Greece Magic Life - Dancer, Capoeira and Animation 2006-2007

Hungary from 2008

  • Utazásbál Budapest 2009, 2011
  • Afrika Expo 2011
  • CBA napok 2010
  • Spoon ship Budapest
  • Hotel Intercontinental 2009
  • Hotel Flamenco Budapest 2011
  • Campona Tropicarium 2011
  • Pécsi Dohánygyár 2010
  • Tihany Salome de Bahia 2009
  • BRAZIL: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Tocantins, Goiais, Minas Gerais
  • Romania-Oradea 2010
  • 1st Mambo weekend Bratislava2010
  • Warsaw Bachaturo fesztival 2010
  • Puglia, Italy (Zouk tour) Dec. 2010
  • Silvester Austria Vienna Floridita 2010
  • Vienna Tumbao Dancer 2009-10-11-12
  • Hungary-Bailaton Salsa Festival 2009/2010
  • Hungary-Balaton Salsa/Zumba congress 2010
  • 2nd International Zouk congress Prague 2011
  • Sweden Bachata Festival 2011
  • Sexy and Sensual latin Holiday Italy/Bari 2011
  • Bulgaria Salsamor Festival 2011
  • Brno Zouk Time 2011
  • Netherlands-Rotterdam Zouk Weekend 2011
  • London Sexy and Sensual latin festival 2011
  • Sweden Zouk Weekend 2011
  • Zouk lambada congress Rio de janeiro 2012
  • 3rd International St. Patrick's Salsa Festival - Dublin-2012
  • Slovakia-Levice Zumbaton 2012
  • France-Dunkirk, Kizomba Zouk Opale Weekend 2012
  • Romania-Bucharest Romantic Latin Festival 2012
  • Mango Plage Dance Festival-Hungary 2012
  • Budapest Connection Kizomba 2012